Delete My Videos on TikTok™

Bulk delete all TikTok videos at once

👋 Choose what to delete

Delete every TikTok video posted between the dates you specify.

One click on Start and you're done!

Sit back and relax

It can take a while. Just leave it running and it will do the work for you.

👆 Buttons are clicked

It helps with the whole process, clicking the delete buttons for you.

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That was quick and easy!

Delete My Videos only works on desktop or laptop computers

Please come back to this website on a desktop or laptop computer to use Delete My Videos.

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Delete My Videos is a free extension for Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge.
Click the button below to install:

How to install on Microsoft Edge

1. Click the "Add to Edge" button above to go to the Chrome Web Store. Then click "Allow extensions from other stores":

2. Click "Allow" when prompted:

3. Click "Add to Chrome" to install Delete My Videos:

Also available for Firefox and Microsoft Edge